Wednesday, 27 May 2009

God Damn Ebay

Are you a diyer?? Do you remember the good old days of selling on Ebay??? Back when you could actually sell something and not feel like you were being anally violated. Ok, firstly, I know there are those of you out there thinking "ewww Clare do you have to be so graphic" and secondly I know there are those of you out there thinking "well actually Clare if I enjoyed the Ebay experience as much as a good anal violation then I'd be a happy camper" but basically my point here is that Ebay used to be a generally good experience and now it can only be described as a big pile of crap!!!

I'm not sure anyone actually reads this but I do love a good vent and, hell, I need to vent. Ebay have suspended my account for four weeks pending a review. If after this four week period my selling statistics have improved then I may have my selling privileges reinstated. Of course, how the frikkin heck I'm supposed to improve my selling statistics when I'm unable to sell is a mystery as yet unsolved. Sure I have a few outstanding transactions but is it beyond the realms of possibility that those buyers wont leave feedback??? Err NO!!!

Well, perhaps I deserve it you might say. Well let us review the system that led to my suspension in the first place. The ever so awesome star rating system. If any of your ratings fall below a 4.1 then whammo, bye bye selling rights. However, I sell alot of things overseas. Soooo, say for example you buy something from me and I post it within a couple of days (and can I just say here that I do mention in my listings that item will be sent out within 7 days of payment being made). The postal service then take two weeks to deliver said item overseas because sometimes they don't like to rush themselves. You receive the item and on doing so go in to leave me feedback. Now when it comes to delivery time you see the stars and 5 stars equals very quickly. You know I am overseas but nonetheless have waited two weeks so instead of leaving 5 stars you opt for 4 stars which equals quickly. Not very quickly, but quickly just the same. Inadvertantly, thanks to Ebay you have now potentially damaged my business, taken away my rights to sell on Ebay. If I can't sell things I can't pay the rent. I can't buy food for myself and my little girl. Do you see what you've done?!? We're on the streets damn it. We're starving. What the hell were you thinking you horrible mean bastard?!? Why would you do this to me. You've ruined my life!!!!

Ok, so it seems extreme, but nowhere do ebay write as you go to innocently leave feedback which you think is fair and most likely accurate that anything less than five stars is essentially making you say that you don't think this seller is fit to be selling or making a living!!! Oh and lets just focus on the buyer for a second shall we. If you are a buyer who doesn't bother to pay or leaves unfair feedback what can the seller do? What course of action can they take? Is there a buyer star system? NO THERE BLOODY WELL ISN'T. Ebay have taken away even that small seller right.

All I can say is thank heavens for Etsy. I've been a big fan of Etsy for several years now. It is my main selling forum and, sure, I get the odd awkward customer. Things still occasionally get lost in the post but Etsy don't crucify me for it . Thank you Etsy (incidentally if you look to your right there is a convenient link to my etsy store). I will also be selling my make up on bigcartel Screw you Ebay!!!!

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SHOPitLA said...

Hard to disagree with this rant. We see these issues every single day (and worse!). Hope everything gets resolved with your account. Good Luck!

Sean @ shopitla