Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hairy men are the way forward!!!

Look I'm blogging again and it hasn't even been three months, woot!!! Anyway, todays blog, as you may have deduced from the title, is devoted to men with much hair protruding from their faces. This is a new obsession of mine but I think I may have the cause for said obsession. I am 31, and no, this does not mean that I myself have started growing a beard. However, through no conscious effort on my part I always seem to date men (or perhaps boys would be a better description) younger than me. My current beau is 24 and the previous fling was with a 20 year old (eek it looks worse written down!!!). They are fun and have yet to develop bald patches or paunches but sometimes when you are dancing away to a tune and you realise that you brought it on vinyl when it was originally released whilst their favourite tune at the time no doubt involved farm animals it can make you cringe. I can only imagine that the new obsession stems from a deep rooted desire to converse with a man capable of growing a full beard if he so wished. I also blame the series Men in Trees. James Tupper (pictured above for your viewing pleasure) is hawt!!!!

Facial hair, it seems, can give a man appeal, where perhaps otherwise there would be none. Hugh Jackman, on a normal Hugh Jackman day holds no interest for me AT ALL!!! However, give that man some wicked sideburns ala Wolverine (making him workout and putting him in a tight vest probably doesn't hurt either) and hey presto he becomes a frikkin 10!!!! With this in mind I have produced some pretty awesome Wolverine undies as pictured below (oh yeah there's a product plug).

It turns out that I'm not the only one giving some love to Wolverine either. I have chosen a few select kick ass pieces from fellow sellers on Etsy including some more traditional Wolverine images. Click on the pictures to go check em out. They are all products that you should sink your claws into. Ha ha sorry but I do love a cheesy pun!!!!

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