Monday, 5 January 2009


My plan to have a mini adventure every day in 2009 is proving harder than you might think!!! For day three of my mini adventure escapade I decided to make some bath cookies. I made them pink and fragranced them with candy floss oil and they smelt great and didn't look too scary.

However, what I'd actually made wasn't bath cookies at all. Turns out I'd made bath floaters!!! The little buggers just bobbed around in the bath without dissolving at all. If anyone out there has a tried and tested fool proof recipe then please get in touch.

Me and my friend Lou also decided that the world needs toilet paper with the picture of your choice on it. Several internet searches have failed to produce details of anyone providing such a service but seriously, maybe we are just bitter, but what could be better than a picture of that person that drives you insane all ready to wipe your ass on!!! Come on admit it. Wouldn't getting over that ex boyfriend have seemed just a little more bearable if you could have smeared his face in poo (for all you slightly unhinged types out there I mean on the toilet paper and not in real life!!!).

Oh yeah and I've been sewing too!!! All new underwear is now available in my etsy store. I'm particularly fond of the "So What I'm Still a Rockstar" thong. This is for anyone entering 2009 with a broken heart or a bruised ego. Wear these babies poking out of the top of your jeans and declare your awesome status to the world!!!

Clare x