Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Feel Inspired

Sometimes inspiration comes easy and other times you just can't seem to drag anything out of yourself. Today I found inspiration in a picture from Flickr, who knew!!! I have a craft fair all weekend and I'll be honest, I'm fairly pessimistic about the whole thing because my home town is, well, grey and not particularly craftsy!! But, that said nothing ventured, nothing gained soooooo I have a panties and hairclips itinery. I have six feet under on because somehow I seemed to miss the whole phenomenon and I'm glad I found it because I'm enjoying it. I just have to mind that i don't get more swept up in the tv than the crafting. I wish I was a working robot. I should be more like the lovely Jinx at MTCoffinz, I bet she never gets distracted by TV. I bet she just does the job in hand. Pah, I guess we are who we are. Anyway, here is the piccie that gave me my inspiration today, maybe it could inspire you.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Little Bit About Me

Well, its a historic day. The first black President of the United States. I tried to explain this to my little girl Erin (she's six) but I think the enormity of it was lost on her and trying to explain exactly why it was such an important thing just made it more confusing.

Anyway, thats not what todays blog is about so if its a hearty political debate you are after then you might want to scoot over to a different blog that is less pink and fluffy. Today my blog is a little bit about getting to know me. So here are ten things about me:

1 - I have a phobia of clowns.
2 - I am a cat rather than a dog person (I have three kitties).
3 - My alcoholic drink of choice (if you ever see me at the bar) is Jack Daniels and Diet Coke.
4 - The reason it is diet coke is because I have a caffeine allergy.
5 - My first musical love was Aerosmith.
6 - I'm useless at almost all computer games apart from Guitar Hero.
7 - I love love love cake and cheese.
8 - I prefer bubbly baths over showers.
9 - I'm addicted to Greys Anatomy.
10 - I can't swim.

Sooooo, there you go. A bit more about the gal behind the blog. I shall be back with pictures and some actual sewing news in the very very near future. xx