Monday, 8 June 2009

The state of things to come (hopefully)

Ok, so perhaps you follow my blog or perhaps you're just a beard loving ebay hater who stumbled across it randomly. Either way you may have noticed that I have been somewhat inconsistent with my entries. This, however, is not really my fault. I have a problem you see. An illness if you will. I am a sufferer of H.I.D, or Haphazord Inconsistency Disorder!! "Wait one minute" I hear the medically trained out there cry. "That isn't a real disorder". And at this point I must hold my hands up and confess. H.I.D isn't a real illness, but it is something I have suffered from my whole life. Oh, and before the judgemental of you out there go getting on my case and saying I'm just lazy let me explain a bit more about what I mean.

I am far from lazy. I have a hundred different ideas a day and a hundred different things to do. The problem is that I lack the order and discipline to commit to one thing at a time and get it finished. It isn't so much that I have a short attention span it is just that I want to get each and every one of those hundred things all done at once. But over the last couple of months I have been making a conscious effort to remedy this. I have been self employed for over two years now but I feel that my lack of focus and discipline is holding my business back. I am nowhere near reaching my potential. Step one was to order my life changing organisation book. I hopped on over to Etsy and using the Alchemy tool I requested that someone make me said book. One woman rose to the challenge spectacularly I don't think she actually lists journals in this shop at the minute but if it sounds like something you might need (I swear I take mine everywhere and couldn't live without it) then message her for sure!!! Personalised for my needs this book has helped me make a start on setting realistic goals each day rather than making a ridiculously long to do list and feeling deflated when I barely managed to cross any of the things off it.

Step two has been to organise my work space. I am not a tidy person by nature. Again, moving from one task to another often leaves rooms looking like they have been visited by a tasmanian devil (the Warner Brothers kind!!!). I'm currently working on this but as it stands the floor in my work room is extremely visible, hurrah!!!

Step three is to start actioning all the things that I have been "meaning to do" for, in some cases over a year. These include:
- starting a store making Blythe clothes
- selling wholesale make up
- getting my drivers license
-getting more tattoos (my sleeve seriously needs finishing)
-expanding my jewellery line
-start my English Literature degree
AND maintaining my blog, twitter and flickr sites regularly and effectively.

Unlike some people I don't have these sites purely for the purposes of promotion. I enjoy maintaining them and lets be honest, if done correctly and wih the right content then they can be a great promotion tool. Sooooo, with that in mind my new and improved regularly updated blog should be winging your way soon to include such gems as Ladies night (a make up tutorial and recommended cocktail), Things You Need (fairly self explanatory) and Antics (just me waffling on about things I've been doing). Oh and every so often I might just throw in something about sewing, ahem!!!!

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