Thursday, 16 October 2008

I wish I was a "doer"

Sooooooo I spent all of yesterday making some custom pieces including this red leopard shirt with a big ol fold over collar. It made me say many swear words but luckily it turned out pretty good in the end and the customer is pleased with it. Thank God!!!!

In my quest to become more organised I am trying to finish off all my half done projects. I'm sure I can't be the only one with a pile of things that I started in a frenzy of excitement and then discarded when something didn't go exactly to plan or I discovered that I didn't have all the materials I needed. These things need either to be finished or thrown out. See how I am becoming more efficient before your very eyes!!! Sooooo, there are two necklaces and a crochet scarf that I am giving myself to the end of the week to get finalised and listed on Etsy. If you don't see pictures in the next four days feel free to hurl abuse at me (really I need a kick in the ass!!!).

My problem is I spend way too much time making "to do" lists and not nearly enough time completing the things on them. I wish I was a "doer". You know, one of those people that just gets up (probably at 6 am) and does everything they need to do in the day. I bet "doers" don't press the refresh button on their inbox every five minutes "just in case" or decide that watching Greys Anatomy on dvd will inspire them to be creative!! My target for the day was to complete and list two corsets and two pairs of pants, go to the post office and do some serious work towards finishing those half done projects. Hmmmm lets see how that works out for me. Time to stop blogging and start doing me thinks.

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