Friday, 12 June 2009

Things You Neeeeed - Vintage

Soooo, I promised regular blog entries and true to my word here I am with a brand new blog merely days after my last one!!! This is part of my "Things You Need" series. This week I'm focusing on some of the frikkin awesome vintage finds to be had on Etsy. I have tried to cover a range of styles and price ranges but basically its just a bunch of stuff that I think is pretty super.

If you haven't heard of Shrinkle then where the hell have you been?? This pink waist cincher she has for sale is perfect for all you barbie gals out there.

I love all things with a nautical edge and this pin up dress is classic and totally fabulous. BillieGoatVintage has some really amazes pieces. If you love vintage you should definately check out this store.

This next piece is from the gorgeous Zwzzy. Her Etsy store is full of the sweetest, girliest vintage finds you've ever seen. Get ready for summer with this super cute pink swimsuit (yes I am quite a fan of all things pink).

This final item is absolutely stunning. If you have some cash to splash then I can't think of anything better to splash out on than this dress.

Well thats it for now but I shall be back soon with more ways for you to fritter away your hard earned spondoolies!!!

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