Sunday, 26 April 2009

Consistency is not my strong point!!!

Well more than three months since my last blog. I kinda suck huh!!! 2009 has been packed with drama so I probably should have been blogging away to my hearts content. There has been bitching and fights and family feuds and drinking and gigs and eating of pie. The mini adventures I'd promised myself didn't get very far and my 365 days of craft didn't work out too well either. I'm gonna hold my hands in the air and say I've been crap but with the first third of the year drawing to a close maybe I can pull something exciting out of the bag.

Oooh, I have been slightly productive in one area of my life and have lost nearly a stone and begun exercising regularly. Today I've slipped a little by eating a whole trifle but generally I've kicked ass. Cross training to Pink is the way to go ladies. In glorious parallel to this my ex boyfriends new girlfriend who I frankly do not like even a teensy bit has been piling weight on like a Christmas turkey. This fills me with joy and whilst the admission of this may may you think less of me I challenge any gal out there to hand on heart say she wouldn't feel the same. Besides in addition to being a big ol fatty ugly pants she isn't a very nice person either so there (oh the maturity)!!!

I swear there is nothing like a good ol bitch to chirp you up no end. I'm off to do a bit of sewing now. I've been revamping an eighties bridal corset today and hope to get it listed on Etsy later. Heck, who knows I may even blog again before July and post some pictures too!!!

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