Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Time to Reflect

Well if ever there is a good time to reflect on the year its today!!! I expect this entry will be a little more serious than what you're used to but I'll be back to silly in 2009 I promise.

Honestly, I think that maybe 2008 was the worst year I've ever spent on this planet. I lost ALOT of people I loved for one reason or another and thats sucky above everything else. The most significant of these was my Aunt Sarah. She'd struggled with cancer for 10 months but we all honestly thought she was going to get better but in June they gave her just another 4 weeks. It was about the only thing the hospital got right sadly enough. I miss her every day.

The other people I lost are strictly speaking still alive but I like to think of them a bit like zombies. They look just like the people I loved but they're not those people, they are rotten and horrible and caused me pain. They walk about on the planet but as far as I'm concerned they're dead (see how good the zombie analogy is!). I admit that it sounds a tad melodramatic but I also promise that it is fully deserved. On the whole I'm a super friendly forgiving kind of gal and it takes a lot for me to be this upset with anyone.

Not wanting to be completely negative I couldn't write this entry without mentioning how amazing and supportive all my true friends have been. Putting up with my tears and outbursts at all times day and night. Without them I don't know how I would have made it. I love you guys.

I have big plans for 2009 though. I'm gonna make this year work for me. I'm gonna be the person I want to be. I have set myself little projects and targets which go beyond making a new years resolution to eat less chocolate, yes indeedy!!! From tomorrow I begin two new albums on my flickr account 365 days of Stuff I Made and 365 days of Mini Adventures. The stuff I made one is fairly self explanatory, the mini adventures basically involves me going out of my way every single day to do something that isn't part of my standard routine. Even if it is something small I'm gonna photograph it and share. Its really quite exciting. I also intend to take my business to dizzy new heights, be glamorous all the frikkin time and get shit loads more tattoos. Wahooooooo

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